Welcome to My Beautiful Baby – Your Brisbane Family Photographer

Welcome to My Beautiful Baby.

We are a baby (infant to school age) and parents (and family) photographer based in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.

Our babies grow way too quickly. One minute they are tiny in your arms. Before you know it they are talking and taking their first steps.

At My Beautiful Baby, we capture fun family photos in natural settings. We create beautiful memories and easily shareable images.

We do it in such a fun, open way that you might even want to get photos taken regularly!

How it Works

We’ll meet at a park, a play area or a fun indoor or outdoor event somewhere in Brisbane for your photoshoot. You and your baby will have plenty to see and do. We’ll have a chat about what photos you’d like.

We’ll hang out for a while and get some lovely portraits of your baby, your family, and you (if you like).

Kid's photos at a park by My Beautiful Baby

It’s all very low-key. Refreshingly easy. Fun.

If you’d like a few photos of just you and your partner, we’ll do a few couple photos too.

Our Mission – To be Your Family Photographer

Our mission is to be Brisbane’s preferred family photographer for children aged 1 to 7 and their parents and families.

The Photos

Photos are a memory of a day, a time, a point in your life. They are meant for sharing and keeping. So we make sure your photos are shareable and useful and we get them to you as soon after the day of the photoshoot as possible.

Share Your My Beautiful Baby Photos on Social Media

Almost immediately you’ll have photos that you can share on your social media. Whether you love Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Tik Tok we’ll provide images that you can share quickly and easily.

Need to email your family photos to your family? No problems. You’ll have a set of photos that you can email to your family near and far that won’t slow down the internet.

Want to keep your photos private? Easy. We can do that too and hand you a USB stick full of your memories.

Tips and Hints

Our favourite age for photographing babies and kids is age one through to seven. We’re happy to photograph babies younger than 1 however it is not our forte.

While you’re here, check out our tips on photographing your family and engaging us to take photos at your kid’s birthday party.

Welcome to My Beautiful Baby – Your Brisbane Family Photographer

So welcome.

Take a moment to look around. Check out our style. Review our portfolio of photos. If you like what you see and you’d like us to capture you, your beautiful baby and your family, we’d love to be your Brisbane family photographer.

What’s Next?

Next, head to our Contact Us page and start a conversation on Messenger (more options coming soon!).

Tell us where you are, the sort of photos you are looking for, your availability and your budget.

If we can help, we certainly will!

Maybe you’d like a black and white portrait? Guess what. We love that idea. Drop us a line.

Need us to photograph your kids birthday party (young or older – up to 21st birthday parties covered). Check out this page and let’s get planning.

Just want some fun, fresh family photos that capture your baby, yourself, and your loved ones. We can’t wait! Let’s talk.

Connect With A Brisbane Photographer

If you’re still deciding why not check out our social media accounts. It’s a big decision and you need to be comfortable with our open and fun style. Like or follow if you like what you see.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mybeautifulbabyphotographer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybeautifulbabyphotographer

Twitter: My Beautiful Baby (@MyBeautifulBab7) / Twitter

Or maybe you want to book us as a “second-shooter” (that photographer that takes all the other photos – the special, lovely ones that happen in the background while another photographer captures the formal photos). Well, we would love to help.

Our Legitimacy

This is our registration for our business name, My Beautiful Baby.

Our formal company name is BlueTilly Pty Ltd, named after two of our beloved pups, Blue and Tilly. Our ABN is 86 141 093 209. We are registered for GST. We pay taxes. We do not scrimp on quality or sincerity and we do not hide in the shadows.

Let’s talk!