Bali Holiday Bliss

After a two year Covid-induced hiatus, My Beautiful Baby has finally been able to get back to Bali to immerse ourselves and tired minds in the beauty, balance and bliss of being in Bali.

So photos of Bali and in Bali are what this post is all about.

Bali is slowly getting back to busy. But in the meantime we encourage you to come on over and explore Bali, the lovely landscapes and the beautiful people.

Be Bali – Don’t Worry

Those of you who haven’t been here yet might be worried. There’s bad press about foot and mouth and poverty and exchange rates and theft

Those things are real but the dangers can be managed by being careful. Carry your possessions carefully. Be respectful. Be generous. Be humble.

The Balinese people are friendly, happy people that are keen to welcome visitors from Australia. Tourism is their lifeblood. They have welcomed us with open arms and made us feel very safe.

Pop down to the bottom of the page to see our favourite Balinese spots including pool villa resorts, restaurants and our favourite shopping spots so that you too can enjoy our Beautiful Bali.

However Bali isn’t back to where it was before covid. There are still a lot of shops and restaurants that have not returned or reopened.

Here is a selection of my favourite Bali photo so far. I’ll add more as we go.

Looking for a Bali Photographer

Selfies are so last year. Everyone can see it’s you holding the camera. Awkward angles and blurry photos with one half of your face out of the picture. How can you be a social media queen with such limitations?

Compare that to beautiful photos taken by a professional photographer. Close ups and distant photos that show you in the glorious Bali landscape or walking along a beach with no shoes. These are not photos you can easily take yourself.

And how about that background blur that only a real camera can capture.

Photo of a Balinese dancer on a motorcycle.
Bali Dancer en route to a celebration.

Your iphone can only do so much. You need help. Someone with a good camera, an eye for detail and a love of everything Bali.

So if you’re looking for a Bali Photographer to help you with some stunning social media snaps for your Instagram feed or to follow you on a shopping trek around your favorite Bali fashion outlets (and grabbing some great photos of some beautiful dresses) then let us know.

My Beautiful Baby Loves Bali

Though we’re Brisbane -based photographers, we visit Bali at regular intervals, and in reality we’re always looking for an excuse to holiday in Bali.

Give us a call to check our schedule – maybe we can make something special work for you. If we can’t help we’ll be sure to introduce you to a Bali photographer that can assist.

Social media snaps in a snap. Great views. Beautiful outfits. Sensational scenes. We’ll help you capture them all.

Photo of view from the breakfast table at Anvaya Resort Kuta Bali
Breakfast at Anvaya Bali Beach Resort
Photo of the walkway to Kuta Beach
Anvaya Beach Resort in Kuta, Bali has direct beach access and the luxury feel of a 5 star resort.
Photo of the beach swing at Kuta Beach Bali
Photo of the sculpture at Biku Bali by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Biku Bali sculpture for sale maybe?
Photo of the table at Biku Bali by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Biku Bali – friendly people and delicious food in Seminyak. Restaurant, tea lounge, homewares – what an eclectic mix!
Photo of Biku Bali inside view by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Biku Bali – homewares in a restaurant or is it a restaurant in a homewares store?
Photo from the front deck at Batik Bali by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
The front deck of Batik – one of our favourite restaurants in Seminyak, Bali.
Photo of a Bali private villa pool at night with the lights on by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Bali pool reflection
Photo of a cheeky Bali squirrel by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Cheeky Bali Squirrel
Photo of where the coffee magic happens at Coffee Phora by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
Coffee Phora in Seminyak Bali. Real coffee away from the main roads.
Sunset at Ku De Ta Beach Club Seminyak by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer.
Sunset at Ku De Ta, Seminyak Beach.
Stark contrast between flowering tree and ramshackle cabling at Bali by Matt Cornell Brisbane Photographer
The tree vs the cable company, Bali fighting.

Our Favourite Bali Places

Now that we’ve been to Bali a few times we have quite a few favourite locations and things to do. Have you been to any of these?

  • Our favourite first-night dinner spot has to be Ginger Moon on Jalan (street) Kaya Ayu. Asian fusion with a pizza menu for those who can’t escape contemporary dining, this place has delicious cocktails that put you right into the holiday spirit. Dine early evening to avoid the louder more obnoxious visitors that you clearly wouldn’t want to be seen with.
  • Batik Bali is a scrummy Indonesian fusion restaurant brimming with class and glass. Fresh cocktails, delicious dining and first class service by attentive and attractive wait staff. Batik Bali definitely is a great place to have one or more dinners per visit to Bali.
  • Cafe Bali has beautiful breakfasts and lunches and is a must-do if you are staying in Seminyak. Slightly more western influenced in their menu but with a heritage homestead vibe.
  • Biku Bali has style, grace food and homewares! The food is luxurious, homely and always delicious. The staff are experienced and very friendly. A delightful spot for lunch and breakfast or both!
  • Good coffee is easier to find in Bali thanks to the explosion of coffee shops such as the amazing Coffee Phora in Jalan Braban in Seminyak. We’re newly acquainted to the gents that run this coffee shop and we’ve been back a few times because it is close to our villa and the coffee comes perfectly brewed and exactly the right temperature. I assure we are not coffee snobs but if we were we wouln’t be any less please.
  • There’s a trendy basement-feel coffee and brunch come dinner restaurant vibe at Revolver Espresso that we just love. Stepping through the guarded doorway you enter a hide-out of food, coffee and drinks and correctly volumed music as a background to the laughs and social environment. The food isn’t as nice as the coffee and the prices aren’t budget but Revolver Espresso makes you feel like a bandit and a celebrity at the same time.
  • A new favourite for us Waroeng Bernadette in Seminyak. Budget-priced, irresistible food all surreptitiously hidden near the Seminyak markets.
  • Disini Villas are your perfect hideaway, stress release, lovers bungalow and pool haven wrapped into one. Set away from the noise and toots of the main road Jalan Kayu Aya, you are whisked away into a private paradise of gurgling pool water, chirping birds, spirited squirrels and relaxing monotones. Ensure you get a pool villa and splash out on the price because it is worth having your own pool and your own outdoor space where you and nature can become one. Just a few minutes walk and you are thrust back into the street life and food and exploring of Seminyak.
  • Ku De Ta beach side restaurant and bar. Delicious full-price menu and bar with an exceptional view of Seminyak Beach. You don’t come here to save money, you come for the views, the service and the beautifully cooked food. Dress is beach clothes to modern casual.

Destination Photography

Get My Beautiful Baby Photographer to help with professional photos at your favourite holiday destination . Give My Beautiful Baby a call to see if we can meet you for your ideal location photoshoot.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can help.