Best SEO keywords for photographers

Search engine optimization is all about getting found in search engines as a way of getting more customers to visit your website. Keywords are building blocks of search engine optimization – the words and phrases and terms that people search for when they are looking for information or service providers are how you get in front of those customers and give them what they want.

Interested to know more? Read on.

Imagine you were a model looking for a photographer or a mother looking for a professional photographer to take photos of you and your family at a local park.

What words would you type into Google?

  • “photographer near me”?
  • “local photographer park photos”
  • “family photographer in a park”

These would be all excellent phrases that would help you find a great photographer that could help you with photos of your family.

Now suppose you are a photographer that supplies photos to customers who want family photos in a park. How do you meet and show those customers that you:

  • are great at taking family photos in a park and
  • that you are available when the customer is ready?

Well, your website has to be up to date and have some lovely photos but that isn’t enough.

Family photo taken beside the Brisbane river in Hamilton Reach in Brisbane.
Fun-filled family photos are simple with a professional photographer like Matt Cornell from My Beautiful Baby.

You really have to write some words – articles or blog posts – or prepare some videos that show your specialty and capacity are exactly what your customer is looking for.

These articles or videos are going to need to contain words that answer the customers’ queries. We call these words keywords.

Keywords are how Google or Bing determine what the customer is looking for and match up results that display a website’s ability to answer those questions.

When your website is new, some of that initial traffic from customers is hard to come by. You’re in the back streets of Google’s street directory until Google can see that you are actually able to answer the queries.

So your articles need to answer the questions your customers have and also contain keywords that customers use so that Google can match your customers to your answers.

Simple really. Right?

What keywords do Photography customers use?

Here’s a list of keywords that you should start answering questions about:

  • Family Photography locations near me
  • Places to take nice photos near me
  • Outdoor photoshoot locations near me
  • Best spots for family photos near me
  • Secret photography spots in Brisbane
  • Indoor photoshoot locations Brisbane

See how these phrases are quite long? Google has a hard time figuring out what a customer wants if they only type in a single keyword.

If someone types “kitchen” into Google, are they looking for kitchen appliances? kitchen benches? Kitchen lighting? Kitchen food? A local restaurant with a kitchen?

Tough hey!

So you need to provide that extra information on your website also. SEO experts call these “long tail keywords”, but all you need to remember is that your website exists to answer your customers’ questions.

The answers will contain keywords and Google will recognize you as someone that can answer a search query.

Teenage fashion model Madison Gawne. Photo by Matt Cornell of My Beautiful Baby Photographer
Photo of Madison Gawne, teenage fashion model taken at the University of Queensland grounds in St Lucia, Brisbane.

Match made in heaven! Website traffic will come flooding in!

Google Search Console Tools

If you are having trouble thinking of what your customers might be asking, then it’s time to turn to Google Search Console Tools – Google’s own website for guiding you to the terms your customers use.

Well not really – when you set it up and attach it to your website, Google simply keeps track of the Google Search Terms that Google users type in to find your website.

It obviously doesn’t take into account the population that finds you via Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.

But you have to start somewhere and Google is the overlord of searching so you may as well start here.

Find yourself an SEO expert like TradieSites Australia and get them to set you up with Google’s tool. Once it’s done you’ll open up a world of keyword knowledge that is pretty hard to beat. It’s free to use Google Search Console Tools and you can check it daily and see when Google shows your listing to people.

Who When Where Why What How

Don’t forget a lot of your customer’s questions are going to be phrased with the 6 W’s: (Who, When, Where, Why, What, How), so think about questions your customers might ask using those words.

  • How do I find a photographer near me?
  • What do photographers charge for family photoshoots?
  • Why does it take so much time to get my photos back?

Get the picture?

On your website, answer those questions. Repeat the question as a heading so Google knows what you are answering and write a well-defined article that answers the question.

The keywords will come naturally – how can you answer the question by not using words specific to your industry?

Each answer may be on one big long page or on multiple pages – but each answer needs to be well-researched and at least 300 words long.

Hashtags And Other Places

Getting found on Google is just part of the challenge. Don;t forget that many photographers are located and hired just based on their social media presence. Keywords figure in this equation too but not as prominently. Thing search bars and hashtags for the social media scene.

So what are some of the best hashtags to use on your social media photography posts?

  • #Brisbanefamilyphotographer
  • #familyphotographerBrisbane
  • #Brisbanephotostudio
  • #Brisbanefamilyportraits
  • #headshotBrisbane
  • #graduationphotosBrisbane
  • #Christmasfamilyphoto
  • #modelportrait

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