Birthday Party Photography Shot list

While taking photos at a birthday party has its own challenges, a Photography Shot List can make at least one of those challenges slightly easier to navigate.

You need to assemble the crowd, get some nice portrait photos, feature the birthday party person, remember to photograph the cake, the guests, the little details, the overall room shots and don’t forget to take photos of the gifts! Then don’t forget to take photos of the candles being lit, the candles being blown out, the guests enjoying the cake, and the birthday person opening some gifts.

Finally make sure you have the right amount of light, that the background light is not too bright, that you remember the parents’ names and the birthday person’s name and that you have a backup camera and extra batteries and that you have food for yourself because not every party remembers to cater for the photographer.


Make sure you get the perfect birthday portrait photos by keeping your Photography Shot List close at hand

Remembering to get all the shots and take all the equipment you need for a birthday party quickly gets out of hand. Some of these photos can’t be recreated if you miss the shot – especially if (for example) Aunt Martha has flown in from the United States, especially for the party, and has already left to visit Uncle Jim in Western Queensland.

A Photography Shot List Can Save the Day

I think you need a shot list for photographing a birthday party. Whether it is for a baby’s first birthday party or for a sweet-sixteen birthday party or even a 50th birthday party, a list of the main guests and special people and the photos that you absolutely-must capture is your cheat sheet list to doing a good job every time.

And some of that time needs to be put in well before the party.

So here in Black and White is a list that you can use to help you do a good job of photographing a birthday party.

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