Black and White Portrait

A good black and white portrait photo doesn’t need colour to portray the emotion and character of a person.

Without colour, it means that light on the face and body has to be carefully managed by the photographer, but a black and white portrait is actually more appealing for some viewers than a colour photo.

Black and White Portraits for Models

Black and white portrait photos convey a sense of timelessness. Black and white photos often have a classic, ageless quality that can make them feel more significant and meaningful and this is perfect for a model trying to capture the eye of a talent agency or advertising executive!

Black and white photos can also be more emotive and evocative. Without the distraction of colour, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the subject’s expressions and emotions and this makes the image more powerful and impactful.

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Black and white model photographs can also be used in a variety of settings and contexts, particularly model as fashion photography, fine art, and social media. The greys and whites promote a bespoke image which allows the image to express the model’s creativity and expression.

best of all, black and white portraits allow the viewer to focus on the subject of the picture. What a great way to get spotted and liked!

Black and White Photo of Baby

Consider this image that My Beautiful Baby captured on a recent photoshoot for example:

Gorgeous black and white portrait of a baby in the park by Matt Cornell from My Beautiful Baby

Baby Fariah is absolutely gorgeous and the photo is in black and white. There is enough sparkle in her eye and dimple in her cheek that you really don’t need color to tell the story.

or perhaps this beautiful cute baby black and white image.

Gorgeous black and white image of a baby

Black and White Portrait of Dad and Daughter

Or how about this black and white portrait of a dad and his daughter:

Black and white portrait of a dad and his daughter at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.

What is it about these black and white portraits that make them so appealing to us?

The Emotion in Black and White

Sometimes colours get in the way of a great portrait. Consider some of the great portrait works of Yousuf Karsh. Photographers and painters around the world marvel at the depth of his compositions. I especially love Yousuf’s photo of Winston Churchill. You should check it out and perhaps use it for inspiration in your own photos.

You don’t need colour to portray emotion. And sometimes colour just gets in the way of a great photo.

Black and white night time photo of the beach near Yamba. Photo by My Beautiful Baby Brisbane Photographer.
Night time at the beach.

Some Photographers that Do Black and White Well

So we went looking for some of the best local black and white portraits that we could find in our portfolio.

Check out these fabulous photos:

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