Business Photos Package

We have just announced this special social media photography package just for businesses.

Five photos for $500

Here’s how it works.

Did you know that some of our photos have been viewed more than 500,000 on Google?

Our photo of the products on display at candle wholesaler Eroma has been viewed more than 800,000 times since 2018!


Imagine the power of that marketing working for you and your business.

Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Photos of your business that show your customers exactly what they can expect when they come to visit your business.

Five beautiful photos of your staff and your premises that let your customers meet your staff or explore your shop or discover some of your favourite products!

Get Your Business Photos Today

Here’s my proposal.

For a total investment of $500 including GST, I will come to your business during a busy (or quiet) time and take photos of you and your business at work.

  • I’ll invoice you $450 including GST. That’s my cost for my time and taking the photos.
  • I’ll ask you to donate $50 (including GST) of your product towards your own promotion. You’ll provide me with a $50 voucher that I will give away to a local charity, or school, or via a random draw on our Facebook page (depending on your product).
  • You’ll get to advertise your gift voucher good deed on social media.

Then, I’ll send you my best five photos. I’ll also add the photos to your Google Maps listing so the world can find you quickly and easily.

You can use the photos on your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

What Do You Say?

So what do you say? Want to work together?

Here’s the catch.

  • You and your business must be either in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas.
  • You must have a product and/or staff that we can take photos of.
  • You must have a product or service that can be vouchered to the exact value of $50.

Let’s Get Talking

Ok. So to get this thing arranged, let’s start with a chat. Tell me about your products and your services so we can work out when and where to take your photos.

Head over to our Contact Us page, leave a message and make sure you tell me you want to enquire about the Business photos Package.

Let’s get your photos out there and make you some MONEY!!!