Black and White Portrait Photography Brisbane

Black and whote portrait of a model in Brisbane

If you are looking for black-and-white portrait photography in Brisbane, we’d like to help. Whether color or black and white, we’re ready to help with portrait photographs to help you sell an image, grow your brand, put a face to a name, or make your Linkedin profile sparkle. And it’s easy. If you’re in Brisbane … Read more

Black and White Portrait

A good black and white portrait photo doesn’t need colour to portray the emotion and character of a person. Without colour, it means that light on the face and body has to be carefully managed by the photographer, but a black and white portrait is actually more appealing for some viewers than a colour photo. … Read more

Kids Photographer Brisbane

Photographs of your kids running and playing can take pride of place on many computer screens, screensavers and calendars. But how can you get some lovely family photos of you and your kids if you’re the one taking the photos? That’s where My Beautiful Baby can help. We specialise in kids and family photographs and … Read more

How to take Family Portraits

Photographs, by their very nature, are a picture of something at a point of time in the past. The minute, no, the second they are taken they are out of date. You see, a picture is a memory. A piece of history. If a picture is of you and your family, it is a part … Read more