Kid’s Birthday Party Photographer Brisbane

Are you looking for a kid’s birthday party photographer in Brisbane?

A birthday party photographer can capture those fun moments at your child’s birthday party while you relax, organize, eat, cut the cake, fuss over the birthday child, mind their siblings, give orders to your life partner AND entertain the guests.

Wow. I think you get the picture.

You’re Too Busy to Worry about Birthday Party Photos

You’re going to be flat out at your kid’s birthday party.

Why not let My Beautiful Baby Photographer help.

At least you won’t have to worry about taking photos of the guests, the cake decorations, the cake cutting, and the area.

Let us snap some pictures of the birthday child, their family and their friends, the cake, the presents, the smiling and laughing, and the local area.

Before the party is even over, we’ll send you some easily shareable photos for your Facebook, Instagram, and email. Quickly and easily you’ll be able to share them with the guests and save them to your phone.

You see, birthday party photography is what we do.

My Beautiful Baby makes photo-taking at kids’ birthday parties stress-free so you can focus on what matters – the birthday child.

Things to Consider When Booking a Birthday Photographer

Here are a few things to consider when planning your kid’s birthday party photographer. Well really, they are things the photographer will want to know so you may as well be prepared.

  • Where in Brisbane will the party be held? If it is indoors, will there be enough natural light or does the photographer need to bring artificial lights and strobes? If the party is outdoors, what is the backup plan if there is rain? If outdoors, what will be the backup plan if it is windy?
  • What time is the party? Again this is about the amount of light. A daytime party will have plenty of natural light. A nighttime party will probably need some extra light for the photographer to illuminate the subjects.
  • How long do you need the photographer to stay at the party? Do you want photos of the cake cutting? Do you want photos of guests arriving? Do you want photos of the speeches? Do you want photos of the singing and dancing afterward? Think about how long the party might go for and ensure the photographer is there for the parts you definitely want photos of.
  • Do you want the birthday photographer to take portraits in a set location or do you prefer a roving photographer to grab some snaps of guests as they mingle and talk? A permanent set-up in one corner allows the photographer to set up some lights and props for the guests to use. A roving photographer will be able to capture some intimate moments and a broader array of interactions.

Take Your Own Birthday Photos

Of course, even with My Beautiful Baby helping with the party photos, you’re welcome to take your own photos. Here are some handy tips from Expert Photography to get you started.

Other Things to Book for Your Children’s Birthday Party

Here are some suggestions for Brisbane companies that also help with birthday parties:

Suggested Kid’s Party Locations in North Brisbane

Need some extra ideas for somewhere to host your kid’s birthday party? We’ve got this!

How about:

Indoor ninja obstacle course at Urbane Extreme in Brisbane is a great place for kids birthday parties
Let your kids run, jump, climb and crawl their way through the obstacle course at Urban Extreme.

And here are a few more ideas for anything I have missed!

OK. Let’s Make a Booking!

I guess I have won you over. You love the idea of My Beautiful Baby capturing your kid’s birthday party pics!

So let’s chat. Let us know the details – you know, the where, the whens etc. We’ll book you in. You can get back to making sure the birthday child is absolutely spoiled!

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