Mother and Daughter Photos Brisbane

Mother and daughter photoshoots are a special bond-forming occasion between a mother and her daughter.

Let’s face it – that bond is already strong just about straight away – but a shared experience like a family photoshoot with a professional photographer allows Mum and her daughter to share the experience and be present in the images.

We love putting mums and daughters together for photos because, quite honestly, the photos sparkle and shine and are just so enjoyable to look at.

How to Prepare for a Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

You probably each have ideas on what kind of photos you would like from a mother-and-daughter photoshoot. The best bit is both of you get to choose and be involved in the planning – unless your daughter is too young then maybe she’s just happy to be with her mum.

Here are some ideas for locations and photoshoot inspiration to get you started:

  • Photoshoot at a park. Mum pushing her daughter on a swing.
  • Photoshoot at a park. The daughter swinging high and grinning and the mum laughing in the background.
  • Photoshoot at home. The daughter looking in the mirror and mum standing behind her.
  • Mum and daughter holding hands and walking through a grassy field.
  • Mum and daughter face each other.
  • Mum and daughter cuddle and smile at each other.
  • Older daughter in a new formal dress standing in front of a mirror and mum admiring from the side.

You can probably see that the opportunities are pretty much endless.

What do YOU love to do? What does your daughter love to do? Incorporate these pleasures into your family portrait to have fun and grab some heartwarming family photos.

Mother and daughter photoshoot in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Photo by Matt Cornell from My Beautiful Baby.
Beautiful mother and daughter photo by My Beautiful Baby.

What is the Best Time of year for Photoshoots?

Wow. You’re really thinking about this, aren’t you?

Spring is lovely. Brisbane’s summer gets hot quickly but the sunsets are marvellous and a little bit later in the day. Summer is especially good for poolside or at-the-beach photos.

Autumn is full of colour and fields of green come alive.

Winter allows you to rug up for your photos and show off your winter wardrobe.

So Matt our professional photographer can work with any season and time of year. Call us for a chat and let’s discuss the theme you would like to feature in your family photography.

Mother and Daughter Poses

Looking for some different ideas for poses?
Pinterest to the rescue.

Check out this Mother and Daughter Picture Posing Pin. (Did you like all those “P” words together??!)

But don’t stress about remembering poses and practising. Having a photoshoot is a fun, carefree time and the photos are of you – not some Pinterest Perfect Portrait.

So relax. We’ll take care of the posing. You bring the fun.

Ready to Book a Photoshoot with My beautiful Baby?

Let’s get this thing started.

Head to our contact us page and drop us a message, call, or send us a messenger message. It’s all easy and no cost until we book you in.

We can talk about styles. We can talk about locations. We can talk seasons. We can talk about how stunning your mother and daughter photographs will look.

We can’t wait. Let’s chat!