Portrait Photography

My Beautiful Baby portrait photo services are part of our wide range of photography services. Although we tend to concentrate on babies, kids, and parents’ portraits, we’d love to help with your other portrait photography needs.

At its heart, portrait photography is all about capturing a person’s (or group’s) personality in a photo.

Easy right?

Well, technically you could take a perfectly good self-portrait photo (ie selfie) but when your arm is stretched out holding a camera, or you’re standing in front of a mirror, do you really have the perfectly impressive pose?

Well, that’s where a professional portrait photographer like My Beautiful Baby can help.

Who Needs Portrait Photography?

These occupations might need some portrait photos.

  • Actors
  • Models
  • Child models
  • Business poeple
Child model Mia portrait photography by My Beautiful Baby

When Do You Need a Portrait Photography?

These are some of the occasions that are that a portrait photo is a perfect gift:

  • Couples anniversaries portraits
  • Pre-wedding couple portraits
  • Bridal portraits
  • Wedding portraits
  • Boudoir portraits
  • Graduation portraits
  • Secondary school graduation portraits
  • Outdoor portraits
  • University graduation portraits
  • Professional portraits
  • Birthday portraits

Giving a Photoshoot as a Gift

A portrait photoshoot with a professional photographer is a fantastic gift for a sweet sixteen, graduate or family moment.

And it’s an easy gift to give. We’ll do all the work.

Just tell us about the gift recipient, what type of photoshoot you would like to give and some details about the special moment and we’ll provide a gift certificate and arrange a photoshoot at our Brisbane photo studio.

Contact Us or check out our price range. Let’s talk!

Portrait Photos for your Instagram

Amongst all the hashtags on Instagram, there are one or two standouts that come to mind when we’re talking about portraits.

#portraitmood grabbed me and didn’t (well, wouldn’t) let go.

“Moody portraits” has always been a fascination for me and this hashtag is the place to go if you want to be seen and get found. Come and see me about some moody portraits and then open your image to the real world and share your photos to #portraitmood and just wait for the jobs and adoration to come flooding in!

If there was just one other hashtag for getting your image out there, I would say #portrait_perfection has to come close. Come and get your portrait photos and then get out there!

Don’t forget that #blackandwhiteephotography is still a kick-butt place for black and white portrait photography!

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