Professional Family Photos

I remember a time when family photos were taken in front of your car before or during a family holiday. Or you were forced to smile or act naturally in a dimly lit studio with a weary-eyed patriarch begging you to smile or not smile.

It was hell for the kids and horrible for the parents. It was not fun at all.

Not anymore.

When you get your family photos taken with My Beautiful Baby, we meet at a park near you and the kids get to do their thing.

professional family photographer Matt Cornell will turn a fun-filled afternoon in the park into family photos that will last forever.

Climb. Run. Jump. Giggle with actual glee. Smiling because they are in their element.

Those happy expressions shine through in our photos.

You see, the glint in your family’s eyes only shines bright when they are actually happy.

Instantly, family photos become happy memories. Looking at them on your screen saver or prints on the wall makes you happy. Memories come flooding back and you too will smile.

That’s the power of family photos with My Beautiful Baby, The smiles are real.

Why should you engage someone else to take photos of your family?

That’s actually an excellent question. Family photos are already difficult enough without trying to take the photos yourself. Just this one simple thing of hiring someone else to take the photos means that you can concentrate on being a family – whatever that means.

Your family is special. We have a skill for capturing that honesty and bond that you share.

We grab some lovely images for you. We share them with you quickly and easily so you can share them with your loved ones near and far.

if you want some nice full-body photos and some head shots we can help with those too.

I guess the difference between taking the photos yourself and hiring a professional to take your photos for you is – we make it easier and the photos look better as a result.

How much does it cost to have family pictures taken?

The price for family pictures can vary a lot.

Some photographers include albums and canvas prints and fancy folders.

Some don’t.

Don’t be fooled though – the more that is included in your package the more ‘commission’ you’re paying through add-ons.

At My Beautiful Baby, we don’t want to fill you up with too many prints or albums. Sure, you’ll want to see our photos adorn your walls and mantlepieces. But we won’t dictate their size or cost.

We have developed a series of family photo packages for Brisbane families that allow you to have as many photos printed and albums as you, please.

We’ll help you choose the loveliest photos and source the best albums. We’ll direct you to Brisbane-based framers and printers. But we won’t take a commission.

You see, we’re photographers. We take beautiful family photographs. We let the other service providers sell their wares. We take beautiful family photographs (you see – I said it twice – it really is that important!

So head over to our pricing page for our family photo packages.

When you’re ready to explore the fun of a family photo shoot, let’s chat!