University Graduation Photos

Your best friend’s mum has already booked their graduation photos.

Spaces for this year’s graduation season are filling up fast. Capture the thrill and excitement of graduating from your university course. Urge your parents to contact us today.

We don’t want YOU to miss out.

Graduation Photos – Celebrating Your Achievement

Whether you are about to graduate from primary school, high school, TAFE, university or college, My Beautiful Baby wants to help you remember these moments with a special graduation photoshoot.

This whole period of working hard to earn your high school certificate, degree or diploma (or Master’s degree or PHD) is almost over.

You have worked your butt off. You have studied hard. You have given up life for years. You’ve watched your friends go partying while you have had to stay home and learn.

Your time is coming.

Graduation is almost here.

It is almost time to celebrate your wonderful achievement.

Don’t Miss Out

Graduation photo spots are filling up fast.

Your best friend’s parents have already booked professional graduation photos for your friend – even if they haven’t told you yet.

You see – parents of graduands are just as proud as the graduands themselves. Your parents want to show off your achievement almost as much as you do.

A set of graduation photos will make your parent’s friends super-jealous. Those same photos are going to make YOUR friends so jealous too!

But what if you book too late and miss out??

The Best Thing About Graduation Photos

The thing is, everybody remembers their graduation. What they wore. How hard they worked. Their little plaques and pieces of paper celebrate graduation.

The best thing about graduation photos is they are timeless. The memories will be captured and stored and you can remind yourself that you deserved your award.


When Should You Have Yur Graduation Photos

The best time to arrange your graduation photos to occur is right before the graduation ceremony. Your friends and family will be there and can share in the moment.

So give us a call to book us in for a quick photoshoot the morning of your graduation.

We’ll take some beautiful photos of you in your graduation gown or clothes with your parents and family and loved ones.

Quick as a flash we’ll send you some easily shareable photos that you can proudly display on your social media walls.

Beautiful photos in a snap!

Book Your Graduation Photos Now

My Beautiful Baby is filling the last few booking spaces for graduation photos right now.

We don’t want you to miss out – so here’s what you need to do.

Head to our Contact Us page. When you get there, fill in the form, and in the extra comments, make it really clear that you want to book My Beautiful Baby for graduation photos THIS YEAR.

Tell us the date and the location so we can put your name on our list.

Contact Us about placing a deposit so that you are booked in.

(Warning: You are not booked in for graduation photos until you have paid your deposit!!)

Then relax.

Start planning your graduation party. What are you going to wear? Where are you going to go party? What is the next chapter in your life going to look like.

And smile.

You have booked your professional graduation photos. You are going to look So Good!

Your parents will be pleased that you didn’t miss out on professional graduation photos and you’ll look back on graduation day photos in years to come and know that YOU EARNED THIS LIFE!!